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About us
To carry on business to develop, construct, build , erect, demolish re – erect, alter, re- model or do any other work in connection with any building scheme, roads highways, docks, ships, sewers, bridges, canals, wells, springs, multistoried buildings, power plants, wharves, ports, reservoirs, embankments, tramways, irrigation improvements, sanitary, water, gas electric light, telephonic and power supply works or any other structural or architectural work of any kind whatsoever and for such purpose to prepare estimates designs, plant specifications, or models and do such other or any act that may be requisite thereof & to purchase, acquire, take on lease, or in exchange or in any other lawful manner any other land, building multi- storied structures and to turn to the same into real estate account, develop the same and dispose of or maintain the same and/or to build townships, markets, or other building or convenience thereon and to equip the same or any part thereof with all any amenities or conveniences, drainage facility electric telegraphic, telephonic, televisions and to deal with same in any manner whatsoever.
To build, construct, sell, purchase, acquire, take on lease or exchange in any lawful manner any land, buildings, flats, bungalows, offices, dwelling houses, shops, farm houses, row houses and to acquire land, plots for colonization or otherwise, sell plots, constructed buildings or flats either on installments or otherwise and to act as real estate agents.
To carry on all or any of the business of flats, marionettes, offices, safety vaults and clubs, real estate agents including obtaining marketing rights of any other person, builder or company and for those purpose to purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire and hold any land, building or such other premises as may be used for either of the objects of the company and to deal with such properties by way of sale, lease, mortgage or otherwise as deem fit.
Sigma Coloniser vision
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  • Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality
  • Ethical and professional service
  • Compliance and respect for all community, environmental and legal requirements.
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